"The care of the earth is our most ancient and most worthy and, after all, our most pleasing responsibility. To cherish what remains of it, and to foster its renewal, is our only legitimate hope." - Wendell Berry

We’re building an effective voice and community network for landowners in the West! Stay in touch…and stay informed!

We’re building an effective voice and community network for landowners in the West! Stay in touch…and stay informed!

We’re building an effective voice and community network for landowners in the West! Stay in touch…and stay informed!

The Western Landowners Alliance advances policies and practices that sustain
working lands, connected landscapes, and native species.


We envision a future in which private and leased public lands in the West are resilient to stressors, healthy, and biologically diverse, and provide for prosperous rural business and critical ecological services.


Western Landowners Alliance is founded on a shared community of interest and practice committed to achieving healthy and connected landscapes, sustained fish and wildlife populations, and long-term economic vitality.

Innovation and Partnership

Inspired by a strong land ethic, we take an innovative approach to ecosystem and economic health by implementing a variety of land improvement practices informed by science and our collective management experience.

The desire to achieve long-term prosperity while conserving our lands, water and wildlife

for future generations is a common ground, non-partisan goal

Western Landowners Alliance

Connecting for Solutions

The Western Landowners Alliance represents landowners and managers from across the North American West, banded together in dedication to assuring the land is whole, healthy, productive, and maintains a place for our families to prosper. We invite you to join us.arrow

Speaking from Experience: Landowners & the Endangered Species Act

Our land and natural resources are the foundation of this great nation. From the food on our tables
and the water we drink to jobs and recreation, this natural heritage is essential to our economy, our
independence and our way of life.

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Improving Public Policy for a Better West

Western Landowners Alliance advances public policies that sustain working lands, connected landscapes and native species. WLA’s policy work is led and informed by experienced landowners and managers who have a vested stake in both the economic and environmental well being of the West’s great landscapes and rural communities.

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WLA Knowledge Network

Do you have a question related to land or water management and want answers from other landowners and managers?
Would you like to be part of a network and connect directly with your peers?
Do you have knowledge to share with others that could help save time and money?

As part of WLA’s effort to help and facilitate a network of land stewards across a broad geography, we have developed an online member-only forum where landowners and managers can directly interact with each other, ask questions, share knowledge and learn from one another on key land, water and other management issues.

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Growing Abundant Rangelands

The TomKat Ranch Educational Foundation, a WLA member organization, has published a beautiful, easy to read and easy to implement grazing guide. With recommendations for planning, practicing and monitoring grazing management, the guide is designed to help practitioners significantly improve soil health, water retention and pasture productivity.

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A Primer on Oil and Gas Leases and Surface Use Agreements for Members of the Western Landowners Alliance

Dan C. Perry, an oil and gas attorney and Western Landowners Energy Council member, wrote this primer specifically to help inform WLA members about oil and gas leases and surface use agreements.

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Beyond Boundaries in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

This past summer, WLA co-hosted the Beyond Boundaries Landowner Symposium in Cody, Wyoming. The primary purpose of the event was to bring landowners and scientists together to strengthen relationships, expand dialogue and explore solutions to shared challenges on the landscape.

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Aspen Management

The decline of aspen in Western forests over the past several decades has been a significant concern to scientists, foresters and land managers, including private landowners.

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Private land: Conservation’s New Frontier in America

WLA’s founding board chair Paul Vahldiek and High Lonesome Institute Director Shane Mahoney have published an insightful paper on the private land conservation movement in the International Journal of Environmental Studies.

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Native Species Knowledge Share

WLA’s Executive Director Lesli Allison participated as a panelist on “Empowering Private Landowner Conservation,” part of the Western Governors’ Association Chairman’s Initiative on …

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Stewardship with Vision

Private stewardship of Western land and water plays a vital role in the health of the West. Read about it here.

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Property Tax Modernization

Private lands are vital cornerstones in the Intermountain West. Keeping these lands intact and healthy is essential to meeting current and future food, water and natural resource demands. Recognizing this, some states have modernized property tax systems to enable farmers and ranchers to increase income opportunities, restore land health, maintain open space, provide for wildlife habitat and keep ranches and farms intact. In some states however, property tax regulations still limit these options.

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Rangeland Health

Western Landowners Alliance has initiated a collaborative rangeland monitoring study in New Mexico to help ranchers better evaluate the results of management actions.

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Wyoming Landowners Guide to Fences and Wildlife

Many resource and wildlife specialists, ranchers and landowners generously offered their insights and experience for this guide.

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The San Juan-Chama Watershed Partnership

Western Landowners Alliance has partnered with the Chama Peak Land Alliance and New Mexico State Forestry to assist in restoring forest and watershed health to a vital 1.4 million-acre landscape.

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News, media and announcements

News From the blog
Media Center

Stewardship with Vision – Episode 5: David Spicer

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Stewardship with Vision – Episode 4: Ute Creek Cattle Company

In far northeastern New Mexico, Tuda and Jack Crews’ land and water management models innovation, conservation, increased resiliency, and community connection. We thank them for sharing their story.

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These films are produced in partnership with Montana State University’s graduate program in Science & Natural History Filmmaking.

Other films in the series:

Stewardship with Vision – Episode 3: Betty Shahan

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Stewardship with Vision – Episode 2: Malpai Borderlands Group

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Stewardship with Vision – Episode 1: Jeff Laszlo

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WLA Announcements 

2017 WLA Policy & Stewardship Tour Series

Please join us: (1) Colorado State Forestry, near Walden, CO on Thursday, June 22. Tour focus will be on high-altitude forest management, including stops at various treatment and harvest sites. (2) Moore Land & Cattle Company Ranch, near Springer, NM on Thursday, July 13. This tour will focus on controlled burning for juniper management, riparian and stream habitat restoration, rangeland management, and more. Both tours provide exceptional examples of skilled land management that benefits wildlife, the bottom line, and the local economy. For details and to register, contact Virginie@westernlandowners.org.

WLA Seeks a Communications Director

The Western Landowners Alliance seeks a communications director for our rapidly growing West-wide non-profit organization. Desired qualifications include bachelor’s degree and at least five years of experience in communications and/or journalism, preferably including experience with land use, agriculture and natural resource management issues. See a full job description here. To apply, please send cover letter, resume, a writing sample, and contact information for three professional references to info@westernlandowners.org. Deadline: May 31, 2017.

Louis Bacon’s Trinchera Blanca Foundation Supports Western Landowners Alliance Educational Outreach Program

Today, Western Landowners Alliance (WLA) announced a grant from Louis Bacon’s Trinchera Blanca Foundation, an affiliate of The Moore Charitable Foundation (MCF). The grant will help WLA expand its Educational Outreach Program focused on forestry issues on private lands in the West. The Program, which MCF helped to create to advance best practices in forest conservation, centers around educational outreach and information sharing for landowners on forest and rangeland health issues. Read the full announcement.