"The care of the earth is our most ancient and most worthy and, after all, our most pleasing responsibility. To cherish what remains of it, and to foster its renewal, is our only legitimate hope." - Wendell Berry

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In order to be an effective voice and network for landowners, we need a strong membership. Please join us. If you would prefer to print a membership form and send a check (recommended for larger donation amounts because of a 3% processing fee), click here to download the form.

Membership Info

  • Direct communication with the board and staff to influence the Alliance’s direction and positions;
  • Access to an active and influential network of land management, science and conservation professionals around the West;
  • A voice capable of reaching state legislatures and Washington, DC regarding the wide range of policy issues that affect Western ranchers and landowners, such as law, agency policy, and more;
  • Timely analysis of federal and state land & water management plans, initiatives, laws, etc.;
  • Discussion (through workshops, online forums, e-newletters, and other media) of the issues, policies, and actions of critical interest to private landowners across the West;
  • Opportunity to learn from one another, through various means, techniques and models for innovative stewardship and for addressing land ownership challenges such as intergenerational transfer of your lands.
  • Regular news roundups and alerts & bulletins regarding pending high interest matters for landowners;
  • Participation in activities organized by the Alliance, regionally or West-wide.
  • Assistance in directly interfacing with high-level land management agency staff; and models for landowner communities to apply when organizing responses to development proposals or other resource use challenges in your area.


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Members of the Western Landowners Alliance enjoy and benefit from a West-wide network of peers who own and manage private and leased public lands. By sharing knowledge and resources, our members help one another save time and money, and avoid costly mistakes. In fact, many landowners and managers are actively engaged in innovative management practices, scientific research and collaborative partnerships. WLA members are using this network to learn from others’ boots-on-the-ground experience for everything from landscape-scale management decisions down to equipment recommendations. Working together, with support from a highly qualified staff, WLA also enables its members to influence state and federal policies directly impacting private lands.


Joining us as a member of the Western Landowners Alliance means you share our vision of a healthy West that sustains its natural and cultural values well into the future. It means you share our belief that economic vitality and conservation go hand in hand, and that owners of working lands are essential to good stewardship. It means you don’t want to see the productive lands of the West get carved up into subdivisions and strip malls, compromised by poor resource development planning, and diminished by the loss of its wildlife, fish, flora, and water. We invite you to join us. Together we will play an essential role influencing how the West is managed.


We seek a diverse and committed membership. WLA members include a broad mix of landowners and managers, agricultural producers, conservation professionals, scientists and other academics, and other dedicated individuals from across western North America. In addition to ranchers and other owners of working lands, we welcome businesses, land trusts, educational institutions, and non-landowning citizens. We value and work extensively with land management agencies and elected officials, but membership is not available to these groups.